What’s New in Branson – 2017

Other Branson news…

The Acrobats of China group has moved from Hwy 165 location to Mickey Gilley Theatre.

There is a new Dunkin Donuts going in on Hwy 165 where El Charro recently was. (Kitty corner to Veterans Museum.)

There is new construction on Hwy 165 across from the Craft Mall. Not sure what is going in.

At “The Landing” today and I noticed Suite 709(old Hollister store) and Suite 713 will hold the new attraction 7D Dark Ride Adventure and Arcade City.

Not sure where the Corn Mirror Maze will be yet.

Fritz’s Adventure

attraction climbing

Experience 80,000 square feet of hands-on climbing, tunneling, sliding, and zip-lining thrills. Fritz’s Adventure features daunting utility poles to climb, bridges suspended stories above, towering rock climbing walls and giant boulders, three impressive warped walls, a massive ropes course, urban brick buildings for scaling, a life-size water tower, multiple slides, tunnels and tubes to burrow in, and an air-worthy airplane to explore. Fritz’s Adventure delivers a perceived element of risk, while in a strategically engineered and safe environment.

Mountain Coaster

– What is a mountain coaster? A mountain coaster is exactly as the name says-a coaster that uses the lay of the land and natural elevation changes to provide an exciting ride in and around the natural features of the area. Riders are seated in individual carts that are engineered to exacting safety standards. The carts are pulled to the top via a chain similar to traditional roller coasters. At the top of the mountain, carts are released to travel down the hill, winding in and out and around trees and hills for a thrilling and unique experience. These low profile mountain coasters are specially designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and preserve the natural beauty of the area while providing an experience few will ever forget.


Big Foot

Bigfoot’s focal point is 200-foot tower that will host what are sure to become some of Branson’s most popular thrill rides. In all, visitors will have three experiences from which to choose:

• A drop ride that takes riders 200 feet into the air before they begin a free fall back down toward the ground.

• A saddle swing ride that launches riders (two at a time) 200 feet up before they are released and begin flipping end-over-end as they return toward the ground.

• An enclosed viewing ride that spins (slowly) on the way up, and down, as it provides guests with 360-degree views of the 76 Strip.

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