National Tiger Sanctuary

National Tiger Sanctuary- Branson non-profit, rescue organization just north of Branson on highway 65 near Saddlebrook.  The “National Tiger Sanctuary” is an organization that rescues big cats and relocates them to a sanctuary in the Ozark Mountains.

Trained and educated staff will answer questions about the big cats, habitat and educate regarding the exploitation of these beautiful animals. You can see the love and care given to the tigers when you visit the sanctuary.

….”We provide unique educational programs and experiences to foster a love and appreciation for nature in the heart of every visitor.” nat. tiger

National Tiger Sanctuary

In 2000, Global Resources For Environmental Education and Nature (GREEN), DBA as National Tiger Sanctuary was founded. Keith and Judy had many important values they wanted to be at the forefront of their non-profit organization. First, they wanted to ensure that public education was a key component of our mission. They recognized education as a vital tool for improving conditions for animals in the wild and in captivity. Beyond education about big cats, they also wanted to teach about environmental conditions affecting the earth’s ecosystems and solutions that benefit all species of life. Without conversation of the environment, big cats (nor any other species) have a chance at long-term survival. In addition to a strong educational foundation, Keith and Judy aspired to build an organization that kept the animals’ needs t the forefront of every decision no matter the cost. Upon these two principles, preservation through education and exemplary animals care, National Tiger Sanctuary began.

Although it might seem like the hard art was behind them, the struggle of building a non-profit organization had just begun. The following decade presented many challenges – saving five sick tiger cubs, building facilities for them to live in, moving three times raising funds to afford their care, and the list goes on and on. Keith, Judy, and National Tiger Sanctuary had to overcome a multitude of challenges, and through their dedication to our animals and mission, all of those trials ultimately brought us to the thriving organization we all get to enjoy today.

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