The Johnson Strings

1 Family 1 Orchestra – 80 Fingers

We love what we do! Music is who we are – its flow from within us is unstoppable. Each performance is distinctive – 100% live, acoustic, and dynamic! As family, experiencing life together gives us deep connection on stage and in every facet of life as each one inspires the other to aim higher. Our command of instrument and voice gives us the exciting privilege of engaging our audience by combining the best of classical, gospel, bluegrass, and barbershop, bringing audiences to their feet, night after night.

The Johnson Strings – an incredible family of 8! Fiddling. Vocal hits. Ragtime. Patriotic. Gospel. Classical favorites. Irish. A family doing what they do best – making music together! Violins, violas, cellos, bass, piano, mandolin, and banjo… With over 100 years of professional training among the siblings alone, and thousands of hours spent perfecting their craft, the music they produce is jaw-dropping!
Have you ever seen four people play one grand piano all at the same time? Forty fingers on eighty-eight piano keys – that’s not many keys per person! The trick fiddling they do on their version of the Orange Blossom Special is something else you must see.
One of the performers in their show is also a certified chef, so she has made-from-scratch mouth-watering, decadent cupcakes cookies, and more available at the concessions stand. Karen is known for her amazing baking!
We suggest reserving your seats, because they only have 105 seats in their theater! They keep it small so you can have an intimate, up-close experience. It’s a one-of-a-kind Branson experience!
The Johnson Strings. Where music comes to LIFE!

This is their first fall season in Branson Missouri so everyone is excited to see what they have put together for their “Christmas Season” performance. Surely to be a hit here in Branson as the reviews are buzzing of the incredible talent of this family. Get you tickets now as this is one of the newly most recommended shows in Branson.

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