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Branson Lakes – Table Rock Lake

Families can enjoy the outdoors as well as the Branson shows, attractions and theme parks. There is a long list of things to do while in Branson with all it’s surround lakes.  At the State Park Marina they have boat, pontoon, waverunner, sailboat and kayak rentals. Also they have scuba diving instructors, parasailing and snorkel excursions on the Spirit of America Sailboat! Rent the Spirit of America sail boat for a corporate or family event.

Table Rock Lake
Branson Lake – Table Rock
Branson Lakes are as follows: Lake Maps

Table Rock Lake – Map 

Taneycomo Lake – Map

Bull Shoals Lake –  Map

Branson Lake – Taneycomo

Lake Descriptions –

Table Rock Lake – This is the largest of the three lakes near Branson and the closest to the famous 76 strip.  There are no other lakes in the midwest as clear and beautiful as Table Rock Lake, with some of the best Bass fishing in the entire U.S.

The Table Rock dam was completed in 1958 and changed this part of the Ozarks forever. Table Rock Lake alone has more than 800 miles of shoreline at high water levels and 52,300 acres of surface area.  The maximum depth of Table Rock lake is 220 feet.

Taneycomo Lake – Taneycomo lake is below the Table Rock Damn and most resembles the old White River system that was split up by the multiple dams in the area. If you go to the downtown Branson area or Branson Landing you will see lake Taneycomo as its rich green waters hold some of the largest trophy Brown trout in the world. Fed by the Table Rock Dam and many natural springs the water temperature on lake Taneycomo is averages 48 degrees Fahrenheit.  There is amazing fishing on lake Taneycomo as well as the flotilla of tours at the Landing Cruises near historical downtown Branson Missouri.

Bull Shoals Lake -Bull shoals is below the powersite damn wish is fed by lake Taneycomo. This monster of a lake reaches all they way back down into Arkansas at its furthest point. Boaters and fishermen will experience less traffic on Bull shoals as it is at least 20 minutes from Branson Missouri. Many families find the quiet and undisturbed shoreline more appealing to their outdoorsy families.

Common Questions Answered about Branson Lakes –

Where can I find a fishing report of Taneycomo Lake?
Answer: On Mo.Gov Website click here 

Show me a fishing report for Table Rock Lake
Answer: Click Here Mo.Gov Website

Can I rent a boat in Branson?
Answer: State Park Marina

Can I rent a pontoon in Branson?
Answer : Table Rock Lake Marina/ Statepark

Can we go swimming somewhere in Branson?
Answer: Moonshine Beach

Is there a lake near Branson?
Answer: Yes there are three lakes that surround Branson, Table Rock Lake, Taneycomo Lake and Bullshoals lake.

Where can i rent a boat slip in Branson?
Answer: Some resorts provide or rent boat slips

Where can I rent a boat slip on Table Rock Lake?
Big Cedar Lodge or Table Rock Marina at Rocklane.  Or you can rent a slip at the State Park Marina.

Looking for a fishing guide in Branson? 

Answer : Fishing guides can be found on the internet just search – Table Rock Lake Fishing Guide. or see our complete list of guides that have been approved for recommendation.

Do I need a fishing license for my trip to Branson? if so where do i get it?
You you will need a fishing license, there are temporary out of state licenses. And you can go to the Branson Wal-Mart on Hwy 76 or Branson Hills Parkway, go to the sporting goods department or most of the area marinas sell them on site.

Is there Parasailing in Branson? Yes, at the Table Rock State Park Marina

Where can I go jet boarding in Branson?  You can find Fly Boarding  or Jet Boarding at the Table Rock State Park Marina

Can I rent a SeaDoo in Branson? Yes at the Table Rock State Park Marina