About Us

What is Connect To Branson – Connect Technology

We want to help our Branson visitors:

  1. Book reservations directly with the hotel or theater.
  2. Connect software replaces the travel agents and brokers, and passes this savings to you.
  3. Make reservations with no fees or service charges.
  4. Have confirmed reservations within hours instead of days.
  5. Don’t come to Branson without getting Connected!


With ConnectToBranson.com website customers are able to connect to the box office or front desk. The actual technology uses a connection to live databases used by the theaters and hotels.  This technology connects customers directly to the Branson Hotel – Theater – Attraction or Branson Business.

Connect is ground breaking software.

  • Connect is easy to use.
  • Connect is available to anyone with access to an internet browser.
  • Connect is available to anyone with a smart phone, iPhone or Android.
  • When you use Connect, you directly connect to our many sellers (hotels, shows, attractions)and they have a direct connection to you.
  • Currently, our sellers are music shows, attractions, museums, sight seeing tours, and quality hotels, motels and condos, in Branson.
  • Every seller uses the Smart Portal, which is the seller’s companion software to Connect.
  • Each connection you make allows you to send the seller a note and the seller uses the same connection, via their Smart Portal, to reply to your note.
  • Your note could be about any special needs you might want to convey such as seating or room preference. (no chance of misinterpretation of your needs by a middle man)
  • Additionally, our sellers, once connected to you, can send you an email or simply call you by phone.

Bundle your Branson and save money.

Bundling consists of any two items in your cart
Bundling qualifies you to receive big discounts

We can bundle your items and get you great prices because you are booking directly with the Branson hotels and theaters.

It is safer to book direct with these businesses.  These Branson Hotels and Branson Theaters provide world class customer service and hospitality.

Connect To Branson makes you an official Branson VIP -Private Secure Account

Login and you have access to your reservations, receipts and E-Vouchers. Connect is your vacation historical record of your past vacations so you don’t have to carry an envelope full of stuff around you have access on your mobile device by just logging in to your account everything is right there for easy access.

You have a permanent record of what you have done, shows you’ve seen, places you have stayed, and what you paid. Even the notes you wrote and received are available for review.

Your confirmation is permanent, as well as the name of the person at the box office who confirmed it. And since this is a bi-lateral connection in that every seller has the opportunity to send you a survey asking for ways to improve your experience, or simply inform you of changes or additions to the show.

Connect is NOT your average booking engine it is an ambassador to all Branson businesses. We do not charge companies to have a listing in this E-Commerce Directory.

We are here to connect you to Branson businesses and our community.

Call us: 417-544-9482